LATEST NEWS - Race Department Member David O'Reilly's Fomula One 2011 Advanced Guide

The guys at SimRacingHardware build this very trick Sim Dash for a customer. The dash features a tach, digital speedometer, gear selection indicator, double shift lights, oil temperature and oil pressure gauges along with a starter switch and programmable buttons.

Want one? Me too! Need to contact SimRacingHardware and throw money at them :-)

Race Department member David O’Reilly's F1 2011 Advanced Drivers’ Guide is now available!

The guide contains all you need to know about Codemaster’s F1 2011 title. The 45 page document covers everything from car setups to pit stop times, and with his F1 2010 guide receiving downloads in the thousands, this is certainly worth a read.

The guide applies to all gamers, Xbox, PS3 and PC alike. I like to call this the “Alternate F1 2011 User Manual” (The one they should have given you in the box).

You can download this file here.

If you'd like to see David’s F1 2010 guide, you can download it here.