LATEST NEWS - Kart Racing Pro Beta 4.0 Released

Kart Racing Pro Beta 4.0 has recently been released by the good folks at You can go download the build here, which works as a free demo until you enter a license key. The new build comes equipped with the following features...

- separate weather and track conditions, with dynamic track surface
- gearbox code revised to have neutral between 1st and 2nd gears.
- paints directory structure revised to make installation a bit easier
- support for multiple track layouts and layout editor
- server option to force a limited number of tires for each event, and possibility to re-fit a used tyre set
- tuned dirt on visor
- limited the number of tear-offs
- shift help is now forced off when a server is set to "No Aids"
- fixed a setup copy bug
- warmup lap cannot be skipped before standing starts
- completed tire pressure simulation
- fixed "track width" setup
- idle throttle setup added
- radiator cover setup added
- added splits in dash
- tuning of jump-start sensitivity
- removed the tires' vibration at near-zero velocity
- multiple dashes support