Beginning Friday, November 25, a special bundle will be offered including the T500 RS wheel and pedal set and the TH8 RS gear set for $649.99 instead of the usual $749.99. This special pack will be available for a very limited time only at Bestbuy, Amazon, and GameStop.

The T500 RS is a great racing simulator designed for the most die-hard racing fans. It is powered with Force Feedback effects relayed via a 65W industrial motor, and an integrated dual-belt system which ensures smooth and backlash-free driving. The wheel is also surgically precise with 16-bit resolution due to its magnetic sensor-based H.E.A.R.T HallEffect AccuRate Technology™. The wheel offers a remarkable 1080 degree rotation with 3 full turns allowing the gamer to choose the maximum degree of rotation according to the type of racing circuit and the car being driven. The spacing and height of the 100% metal pedal set is also fully adjustable and the brake pedal has been given extra attention.

To really help feel like racers are in the cockpit of a machine they need to be able to shift. The TH8 RS looks realistic enough to be fitted to a real car and features a 5.12 in. tall stick with a removable knob which is even compatible with real-life universal gear shift knobs. Gear strokes can be adjusted (via a downloadable PC application and the device's internal memory), as well as the gear shift's resistance. The internal mechanism, the lever, the outer housing and the clamping system are 100% metal. Unrivalled precision comes from the same H.E.A.R.T technology in the T500 RS, featuring magnetic sensors for an unlimited product lifespan.

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